Mobile advertising is growing at rapid pace and various businesses have generated huge profits by promoting their products and services through mobile. Despite the cons of mobile marketing, there are many benefits of mobile … eMarketer’s data shows that mobile ad spend will surpass 93 million dollars in 2019. Personalization, immediacy, and interactivity of mobile ads encourage response by consumers on the go. By the year 2022, it will represent almost 50% of marketers’ total ad … Preliminary data show good response rates for mobile campaigns (5% click … With over 42% of people around the globe owning a smartphone, now even old school marketers believe in the potential and benefits of mobile advertising.. Amongst various benefits of mobile advertising… Mobile Advertising is the Primary Mode of Digital Advertising. In recent years, mobile ads have become the primary form of digital advertising for countless brands. Instead of a large screen and a mouse to use, mobile users are left with only a small screen. Conclusion. One great option is mobile billboard advertising: 97% of people are able to recall the ads from mobile billboard advertising compared to 58% of people remembering ads they saw online or on … This is a con for mobile marketing because the ad may go untouched since if the website or social media page was difficult to navigate.

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