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[Kriege97] The Guide to Space is a series of space and astronomy poddcasts by Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today, Episode 700: Interview: Wallace Arthur and the Biological Universe. The thing that restrict me from buying it right now is the size of my car and transportable. Dobsonian sizes range from starter scopes of 6 inches up to 30 inches, but common sizes are 8 to 16 inches in diameter. We are asked the what kind question a lot, also, but we always preach that the person (s) should get some sky charts off the internet or get a planisphere to learn their way around the sky, then get a pair of binoculars for their first viewing. My previous scope only showed dots for stars, that was it. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And More…, Episode 698: Open Space 95: Would SpaceX Have Survived without NASA? The annotated photo below will serve as an And More…, Episode 691: Interview: Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. what? So far I’ve been blown away with the views of Saturn I’ve enjoyed, and I can’t wait to get it to a dark sky site in the coming months to do some galaxy and globular cluster hunting! So buy? You can find cheaper 10″ scopes, but not with the integrated Object Locator., Our Book is out! Back to the Build a Dobsonian Master These filters cut emission from sodium, mercury and neon lamps while passing the rest, and work on a wide variety of objects including nebula & galaxies. My own and most favourite telescope is my Skywatcher 10-inch Dobsonian and I will probably be using it for many more years to come, as it is difficult to beat! I can’t describe here the number of adventures and thrills I experienced from first light. The other thing is what light pollution filter would you propose to use? the mount (rocker box and ground board) has not yet been sealed with The following are the important parts of the telescope with their functions: 1. Includes all hardware for … Join us at But don’t be fooled by this simplicity. It was easy to transport and maintain, required little set up and take down time, and its star hopping qualities introduced me to many more wonders and surprises than a GOTO could ever have done – not to mention the skills I’ve learned from reading charts and understanding the lay out of our galaxy. A basic manual mount which supports the optical tube and can be manually moved by hand in the Altitude (up/down) and Azimuth (left/right) axis. The lower part of Follow us on Twitter: @universetoday After all, a telescope that doesn’t gather much light isn’t very useful. A Dobsonian is simplicity in itself; a simple set of optics on a simple mount. See no ads on this site, see our videos early, special bonus material, and much more. You may have some success with webcam imaging with some of the GoTo Mounts though. I want to buy a Orion XT10i. Not buy? The name of the Dobsonian telescope comes from its creator John Dobson, who combined the simple design of the Newtonian telescope with the Alt-Azimuth mount. The Lens. Don’t want a beginner fighting in the darkness trying to drift align a polar EQ mount. The SC will work with any of the common telescope mountings -- Dobsonian, German equatorial or Fork. A lot of people ask me this question and I’ve been unsure of what to tell them, not having a telescope myself (I know, seems odd but living in a small condo in a light-swamped city makes stargazing a tough hobby!) Lightbridge (or any dobsonian rockerbox) upgrades: Click here for info. for small Dobs. The 10″ is a real sweet spot – lots of aperture to see tons of detail in objects but still small enough to easily handle and not too expensive. Are they any effective? The Object locator would be great to find nebula or planets even when they are behind clouds. The optical part of the telescope or OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) is the same as a Newtonian reflector telescope. . As with the optical part the mount is just as simple, if not more so! It is probably not going to be moved a lot, staying at my GF’s fathers place where the have some minimal All I want is to take it out, look some starts and planets and nebulas and then 30 minutes later put it back. Welcome to the scary and expensive world of buying your first, or replacing your old telescope! The mount is at your feet, not your waist. He enabled the average Amateur Telescope Maker “ATM” to create a large and very stable telescope with common workshop tools. The mirror is a 6-inch f/7; it is in a fairly large Yes, it works with equatorial platforms too.--$295 plus$10 postage. They will work for both the Crab and Orion, as well as a lot of others, but they are not as good of a general purpose as the Narrowband filters. Dobsonian telescopes are designed to be simple, easy to use and gather as much light as possible. The original design fit the needs and available supplies of one person—John Dobson. I’ve seen Refractors and SCT’s mounted on Dobsonian mounts that were attached to the top of a pier. RSS:, What Fraser's Watching Playlist: I already told my GF. The benefit of this type of optical arrangement is the telescopes light gathering ability. I am asked all the time “What telescope should I buy” or “What telescope do I need to see X with?” Nine times out of ten, I recommend a Dobsonian Telescope. I get this question all the time, usually around Christmas. More stories at: Twitch: But technically speaking, “Dobsonian” only refers to the mount, regardless of the OTA on it. Broadband LPR filters do a reasonable job of cutting LP. The “i” gives you easy “push-to” to make finding things easier, but it won’t track. Newtonians under 12-inches at the 2005 Stellafane Convention. This scope was built by Jay Drew, STM, following Resist the urge to spend lots of money on small computerized scopes that will eventually never get used, as they can be too complicated or you may not see much through them apart from the brightest objects such as the Moon.×9.–MdCSg, Support us at: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They are also very economical compared to other telescopes. of a Newtonian Optical Tube I hear the one on the Orion works nicely. The mount is usually made from wood or metal with bearings and support for the two axis of movement.

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