This super durable aluminum construction keeps stable in negative conditions, while the tilt and pan motion allows you to seamlessly capture the best photographs and video in your amateur filmmaking career. Our editor’s choice comes with a flexible skeleton, sporting a cushy exterior bead-laiden texture to withstand shock and drops. Acuvar comes out swinging with a seriously high quality (and affordable) tripod. Seriously, Ravelli put out one of the best tripods on the market, coming with a smartphone attachment to tow the line. Out of the shortlist we compiled, Digiant’s easily took the cake. Their lifetime warranty is excellent, while the sizing to fit most smartphones makes this an indispensible tripod. Unless the lighting is poor or I … Look back at the dimensions as a first line of defense, and adjustments to counteract the unexpected inconveniences. You can put Fotopro Waterproof Phone Tripod through hell, and it’ll still be rocking right next to you when all is said and done. We’ll flesh-out some ideas, and discuss our personal favorite uses for mobile phone tripods. © 2020 Verizon Media. Movo Huge Smartphone Video Kit V8 with Mini Tripod, Grip Rig, Wireless Shotgun Mini and 360° Stereo Microphones, LED Lights, and Remote - for iPhone, Samsung - YouTube, TIK Tok, Vlogging Equipment 3.6 out of 5 stars 16. All you need to do, should anything happen to this, is snap a photo and send it to the manufacturer, and you’ll get a new one at no charge to you. Joby are one of the best makes of small tripods for smartphones. All rights reserved. Don’t leave it unattended if you’re filming indoors, and you have cats. While people think you’re just talking to yourself in public while staring at your phone, you’re actually building a brand and getting people involved in your life. Smartphone video kits are portable studios for vloggers and content creators who want to take their mobile filmmaking to the next level. As we dip down to the second-tier tripods in this list, we’ve still got a few aces in the hole. However, if you want to improve the quality of your photos and videos at home, it’s a fantastic product. The main reason to purchase the more expensive OM4 is that it uses a magnetic mounting system instead of a traditional clamp mount. This on gives you a total unique look, as opposed to the standard stick-like stand, but still offers all the support and mobility you need. There are cheaper versions but the Joby is robust and built to last. Ensure that you have some flexibility to move around and reposition your phone, or you’ll have wasted money. I now film 90% of my video footage with my iPhone X. The Bluetooth remote allows you to capture photographs from up to thirty feet away, and syncs easily with your phone. The kit comes with the gimbal itself, as well as a carrying case to protect your new gadget and a nifty desk tripod you can use to further steady your shots. Angle your smartphone on your stand to continue charging, while giving you full access to your employees or co-workers during normal hours. Square Jellyfish Smartphone Tripod is ultra lightweight, coming in under three ounces, featuring a ball joint locking mechanism to capture and keep the perfect angle for every video shot you need. This also fits GoPros and small digital cameras, so let the amateur filmmaker out; it’s time to get recording. Includes Bluetooth remote control for photo capture. If you’re ready to film, and don’t want anything to get in the way, the GorillaPod by JOBY is your goto for epic results. When’s your next phone upgrade again? There’s not a lot to these simple little wonders, but what knowledge we do have about them will help you make an informed and conscious purchase. Amazon and B&H have discounted the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 combo kit to $89, down from its usual $139 price. Includes wireless remote w/ 30 foot range. This mobile videography kit covers everything you need to get started making professional-looking videos on your smartphone: mics, tripods, lighting, accessories, filming apps and editing apps. Throw everything into the carrying case, and be on your merry way; you’re equipped to handle every photography and video capture need with Acuvar 50” Universal Tripod on your side. Here are essential tools you need to film and edit high-quality videos with your iPhone or Android smartphone. However, sometimes you’re going to need angles that require a second person, and they’re nowhere to be found. Small enough to fit into your pocket or backpack slot, and packing enough power to make or break your next group photo, Wrap the flexible legs around poles or roof racks to keep your GoPro steady for driving shots, or attach it to your ATV for off-road angles; the sky’s the limit. The kit comes with the gimbal itself, as well as … A: There are a few instances why guys need this in particular, as well as a few uses you may not have thought of. $89 is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen the kit sell for since it came out. Amazon and B&H have discounted the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 combo kit to $89, down from its usual $139 price. Portability - Touching on the weight of the tripod, you don’t want it to be ridiculous to keep in your pocket/backpack, either. Thanks to the flexible skeleton, you can angle this just about anywhere before using your angling remote control, giving you all the smooth shots of a big budget film with complete ease. Get the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers by visiting our deals homepage and following @EngadgetDeals on Twitter. If you’re searching for recipes, you can use your tripod like a lectern for your phone, keeping it away from the messes of the counter, and on the digital page where you need it to land on the perfect recipe. Digiant’s 50” Aluminum Smartphone Tripod hit the peak of our list for a few reasons, but most of all, we love the fact that it can climb 50” tall, giving you epic shots at just about anywhere you can think of. CamKix Bluetooth Smartphone Stand is designed to be used for the indoors, lacking grips, but making up for it with a stable shot on just about any surface. The weight matters, because you’ll be carrying this around when you plan to use it. Padded grips help hug onto concrete and asphalt, while the compact packed-up size gives you plenty of room to store in your pocket or a backpack. PR-1 SMARTPHONE RIG: Compatible with smartphones 2.2" to 3.6" wide including the iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, and Galaxy Note; Features a rubberized grip handle, wrist strap, bubble level, tripod thread, accessory … This tripod setup is a great tool for smartphone filmmaking. Last but not least, certain indoor models, like our #10 selection, are perfect for video calls for work when your laptop camera doesn’t cut it. These are designed to keep everything looking sharp as hell, focusing on balance and stability, so you don’t wind up with a wonky shot. Most folks don’t own a digital camera anymore, not since their phones do all the work, and then some. Digiant gives you a fun way to get unique angles, all … The pop socket-like mechanism makes it easier to attach and remove your phone from the OM4 as needed, something the clamp mechanism can make a pain. If you extend it completely, it measures a whopping 51-inches, which means you can get the whole family in for a selfie. The K&F Concept Travel Tripod is the ideal solution to reduce the camera shake of your video. Compatibility - There’s always a newer, larger phone size coming out. The Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod is a multifunctional product designed for use at home. The most ambitious crossover in tripods (because there isn’t many). If you know you want a phone tripod, but you’re not sure which one is right for your mobile phone, keep on reading. Includes carry bag and smartphone mount attachment. Tesla may offer remote access to your car's Autopilot cameras, Leak exposes personal data for millions of Brazilian COVID-19 patients, Scientists might know why astronauts develop health problems in space, This bluetooth-enabled Altec turntable is $52 for Black Friday, Belkin’s new wireless charger tries to do what AirPower promised, 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' bug gives NYC the patio heater superhero it needs, The best Black Friday tech deals we could find.

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