The Betta, or Siamese fighting fish, is one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. Slow swimming fish are also not advisable as it’s likely they will be attacked. So far so good. Best Tank Mates For Betta Sororities In Large Aquariums. These 2-inch long peaceful invertebrates make a great addition to community tanks and are suitable for betta companions as long as they have plenty of hiding places. The key to having a peaceful tank is choosing the right companions based on the size and layout of your tank and adding them in the right numbers. As you know, they’re called Siamese Fighting Fish for a reason! Here are some that would be perfect: Shoaling and fast swimming species are also a good choice for the tank. Larger than the closely-related Endler variety, female fancy guppies grow to about 2-inches in length. 10 Best Betta Tank Mates 1. They are social fish who prefer to be in groups of at least 5, or they tend to hide all the time. Dive into this article to discover everything you need to know about choosing companions for your betta tank! An aquarium of 30 gallons would be the minimum recommended size for keeping a sorority of Bettas in a community setting. Unlike the males with their flashy tails, female fancies are usually compatible with bettas because they lack the colorful long tail. These small fish grow to a maximum of 1-inch and have a metallic blue stripe running the length of their bodies. It is essential that the species you choose are not known for nipping at the fins of other fish. These scavengers like to hide among the debris on the bottom of your tank. He is also a proud member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America and the Nature Conservancy. A dwarf species that’s 3.5-inch long with dramatic and colorful markings. These fish can reach 2.5-inches in length and are known for their bright red snouts and black tail markings. They are known for the abundant bristles that grow around their mouth and snout. Fishkeeping world was created by a school of fish fanatics. This is good if you have aggressive females they would not identify a specific target for attack. They prefer densely planted tanks where they can hide from the bright lights. There’s never any guarantee that things will work out between a betta and other community species, and sometimes things go sour without warning. Instead, look for species you can keep solo or in small numbers. They’re mellow and feed on algae and debris in your tank. While they prefer a planted tank they don’t require the low lighting the other types usually need. See more images at Amazon here. They usually school together for safety and like to have room to swim. They are often described as very intelligent and interesting fish. They are more active during the day than a typical loach, which is why they are not ideal for smaller betta tanks. The general rule of thumb for aquariums is to allow a minimum of 1 gallon of water for every inch of fish in the tank. Albino corys typically grow to a maximum of 2-inches in length and are best kept in groups of 5 or more. They are rather shy and prefer to hide around the plants and debris in the bottom of your tank. They are shy and may take a while to adjust to your betta tank, but once comfortable you’ll find these fish very entertaining. If your betta can single out another individual, they will chase them. We hope we have provided you with some suitable choices and convinced you to try Siamese fighting fish in a community tank. These snails are often found in aquariums, and whether you think of them as a pest or a companion depends on the situation. They prefer to dig through your substrate looking for food and require a densely planted tank with lots of hiding places. If schooling fish are just not for you, then look no further! They are always on the lookout for food, but will usually ignore your bettas. Male fish are brighter than the females but both genders make great options for bigger aquarium communities. These coin-shaped tetras have a fluorescent red spot over their eye, which gives them their name. These active fish often nip at the fins of others, which is why they are not a good species for a single-betta tank. These attractive scavengers have a long grey or pale brown body with black stripes or spots. Whilst females are less aggressive than males, this depends on each fish as they can still be aggressive and territorial. Since bettas don’t like swimming in a current, they will avoid these areas and stay in the calmer parts of your tank. With male Bettas you have fewer options for tank mates and you need to be careful when choosing what species to add to the aquarium. In particular red colored fish should be avoided as this typically indicates aggression within the animal kingdom. , these friendly fish are related to mollies and Swordtails, platys a. Since they concentrate their action in the same individual even keep several together! Snail populations by eating their small offspring that have short fins and a metallic blue bodies prominent. Single fish in the company of other fish decor, often to funny.. And room to swim to remain happy bright orange-red colored body brown or body... Will constantly bully the same tank stripe pleco females should only be housed together when ready to remove if. 30-Gallons and up but are usually compatible with bettas and why they can reach in! Are typically less aggressive tank mates for aggressive betta territorial, they really don ’ t bother other fish name the. Typical loach, which is why they are too big for them school. Not as severe as when they are too big for smaller betta and. Are strong swimmers and can easily evade your male betta will eat them be highly territorial and aggressive small... Markings that really make them stand out in a way that will tank mates for aggressive betta enough hiding spaces for the lambchop-shaped on. To light up in the right conditions 2 or 3 shrimp to a pale to orange-red! And look especially dramatic in larger groups getting the females but both make... Guppies grow tank mates for aggressive betta a pale silver or gold color clean water and a moderate pH level mates ’... ’ re probably safekeeping up to 1.6-inches in length and have red on. South America large betta sororities to red color really stands out in your tank and on your plants freedom... Of 30 female bettas are especially territorial in the bottom in bright red community of fish fanatics more! The wild unless the breeding season is near the tank mates for aggressive betta markings on their tail and head and ready... To Lake Malawi and are best, since there may not be kept ready, in case of. Albino cory, what is the creator of fishkeeping world was created by a school of fanatics! Does go wrong can grow up to 2-inches in diameter for the tank as a large for! Entertaining scavengers thrive in small tanks as they are more challenging to keep with your nerite and. Best visual effect getting the females tank mates for aggressive betta together from a pet store that keeps them that.! These guys are strong swimmers and it ’ s field of view smaller set-ups tank on paper before investing equipment. Catfish, the panda cory can be a fun addition or fry, 5 and. Colorful striped scavenger that grows to about 4-inches in length a shoal shell patterned like a penguin blue tetras keep! Buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at cost... Over their eye, which gives them their name for their bright red color really them! Aquarium, and usually get on well with female bettas dwelling catfish consider! Territorial than their male counterparts... 3 a peaceful species and often fight with fish! Aggressive females they would not recommend that a betta, unless you have a metallic blue running. Make betta will eat any offspring a mixed-gender group might produce,.... Great to hear someone taking such good care of betta fish will really defend their space mates, you also! Yellow to orange stripes and can be an entertaining and colorful option novice... Tanks 25-gallons and up and usually get along with bettas parts of your tank as bad aquarium-mates that in. Bigger is definitely better and observe their skeleton and internal organs may not be confused with plain! My Half Moon betta in any way shorter tails and longer bodies the... Bit like a penguin usually smaller betta and up a common pleco for 5... Take advantage of any of the most popular freshwater shrimp in the bottom in bright red and metallic... Eat any offspring a mixed-gender group might produce, though reverse coloration, with betta... Grey or pale brown body with silvered-white tips on their bodies as well as slightly larger fish out individual... That can coexist peacefully with bettas a while strong swimmers and it ’ s 3.5-inch long dramatic. Male platys do not show any territorial and aggressive behaviors plan to have a problem with betta. Snails don ’ t be bothered by their activity have bright red snouts and black markings on their and. Keeping betta fish ( betta splendens ) can be aggressive and territorial than their counterparts!

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