Property owners can list furnished apartments, houses, condos, hotels, back-houses, rooms, basements, and even RV's. If housing is important to you, it’s important to know what your deal breakers are and be upfront with your recruiter about that from the start. We contacted our recruiter and the landlord, and someone was sent out that day to take care of the problem. If your assignment is in a large city, then you’ll likely be housed in an apartment community. If we had to take a lower pay rate with the same high rent, we couldn’t have afforded it. Our corporate rentals are all fully furnished with all of the amenities you could want in an apartment or home. Hire a realtor to help you locate a place. Travel Nurse Housing is a totally free website for travel nurses to find short-term furnished housing (3 month average stay) and the leading site where landlords list their furnished property to find travel nurse tenants. Be cautious in checking out potential landlords online. So, you may get a different amount for each travel nursing assignment. If your agency is locked into a lease they can’t get out of, then you’re going to get some resistance. Usually, agencies send you two to three housing options to choose from (if available, and if you ask), but ultimately, they’re going to place you where is most convenient for them (aka currently available and the cheapest). We had a contract in NYC and wanted to live in a hip Manhattan neighborhood and truly feel like New Yorkers. A few ways to consider when finding your own housing: Most staffing agencies will give you two to three options to choose from if you ask — and if they have more than one available. We tend to travel with most of these “extras,” but other travelers I know buy them cheap each assignment, so they have less to move with. But in smaller towns where options are much more limited, there’s more variety in where you may get placed. I asked our recruiter what would have happened if we’d already paid for our housing before the contract cancellation. For my husband and me, it’s the first thing we want details on before we decide to apply for a position. Whether you’re a first-timer or a traveler who has been doing it for years, you’ll want to feel settled and comfortable in your new home. Once you find a place you like, simply connect with our property owners to book. I recommend all first-time travel nurses take agency-placed housing for their first assignment. The most common option for travel nurses is to allow your agency to find you housing. Earn up to $2,300 a week at top-tier hospitals across the country! While even more adventurous travel nurses travel in an RV and rent a spot in an RV park with hookups (this is likely not right in the city action). © 2020 Travel Nurse Housing. This is why I recommend you do your due diligence before you leave for an assignment — it’ll limit housing surprises! The combination of natural wonders and urban amenities... Not every traveler is going to want the same experience, but I think we can all agree that where we live can make a tremendous impact on our overall experience. Securing furnished housing is important regardless of what type of traveler you are... Travel is in my blood...and now I get paid for it, as I am a travel blogger and a travel nurse! Book Directly Without Fees. Know in advance what the housing situation is going to be. As tax season begins, it is time to get all your ducks in order to make the best outcome of your tax return and most money back in your pocket. Usually, issues are more minor than this if they happen at all. Just make sure you thoroughly vet the place and area before signing a lease — a great money saver isn’t worth it if it’s a risk to your safety.

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