( Log Out /  Teaching you what math really is, and what it isn't. If we were to treat infinity as a number, then infinity times infinity is infinity², although that isn't the actual answer to the question, it's just another way of stating the question. Picture a huge grid of dots, a infinity of dots across and an infinity of dots down, so there are in total an infinity x infinity of dots. Defining this function and seeing that it is indeed bijective is actually quite simple. you could say infinity squared but that doesnt make much sense. Properties of Infinity Addition with Infinity Infinity Plus a Number Infinity Plus Infinity Infinity Minus Infinity Multiplication with Infinity Infinity by a Number Infinity by Infinity Infinity by Zero Division with Infinity and Zero Zero over a Number A Number over Zero A Number over Infinity Infinity over a Number… =). ), but before we can truly appreciate this fact we need to first get used to what this definition of “infinity type 1” really means. How does the caveman theory mesh with the out of africa theory? At first, you may think that infinity divided by infinity equals one. This game mode also reveals interesting facts about the Gnomes' job in controlling time. Namely, take the subset , and also do the same for the even ones: . Lv 5. Namely, let us ask whether or not and have the same cardinality. It is implicit in my calling this new number “infinity type 1” that there is likely an “infinity type 2”. And the reason for splitting the even and odd numbers is to have the odd numbers map onto the positive numbers, and the even numbers map onto the negative numbers. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. At the same time, no matter how many things we put in each pile there won't be an infinite number in that pile either. Infinity Time is an unlockable game mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. We can see this as follows. Just because the supernatural hasnt presented itself yet as obviously sinister doesnt mean it wont at some point? However, there are different "types" of infinity, there can be greater and lesser amounts of infinity. So, the answer to the question is that infinity times infinity is infinity. You will be! If you’d like you can think of the set of fractions as “infinity times infinity,” since for each numerator (of which there are infinitely many possibilities, one for each integer) there are infinitely many possible denominators (again one for each possible integer). This is clearly a set with “infinity type 1 plus N” elements in it. Thus if , let’s let and so on. Infinity could not be reached for comment Monday morning Janice Hill, an employee at City View Multicare Center in Cicero for 12 years, said she … Actually, what we’ll show, is that “infinity type 1 times 2 is infinity type 1”. We need to get used to the ideas behind these maps because we’ll need to get fancier and fancier in the next two lessons to prove some even cooler things. In particular, analogously to how we define a set A to have N elements if we can define a bijective function from the set to A, we also define a set A to have “infinity type 1” elements if we can define a bijective function from the set to A. In actuality, when any number (including zero) is multiplied with infinity, then the results are always undefined. Sticking with the number of integers (inf) for now Inf * Inf = (the same) inf. Infinity divided by infinity is the inverse of that operation, so it's still infinity. Also, “infinity type 1 plus anything finite is infinity type 1”. ( Log Out /  This same logic lets us quickly prove that “infinity type 1 plus anything is infinity type 1”, where by “anything” I mean “any finite number of elements”. In symbols, this would read. Infinity is not a number, it's a concept. Number Times Infinity. Further, let us imagine it is a small positive number, further imagine a number that when coming from the right is always to the left of you, but always to the right of 0. If you have a calculator with ! 1 decade ago. The question assumes infinity is a number that can be operated on like any number. 1 decade ago. And the answer to infinity divided by inifity is 1, because if we treat infinity as a number then it will go into itself once, just as 3 goes into 3 once and 582 goes into 582 once and etc. The number of points on a line is the same as the number of points on a plane, and so forth, and that's equivalent to squaring infinity. Then we need to know whether “infinity type 1 plus anything is infinity type 1” or if “infinity type 1 plus anything is infinity type 2”. When is The FDA going to actually approve the vaccines. Georg Cantor did work on this in the 19th century. 1) Prove that “infinity type 1 divided by two is still infinity type 1”. What does Infinity Divided by Infinity Equal? Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Let us define a set that is in a very obvious way “infinity type 1 times 2”. It is unlocked in the last quest of the single player mode of each side. So far all we’ve done is provide more evidence that “there is only one infinity”, but seeing the techniques used here and gaining respect for the logic that is at play is what we need to do before proving the existence of a whole ladder of new infinities! There isn't just one infinity, unfortunately. Gotta read the lesson to find out! The problem is that infinity (sometimes shown using a symbol that looks like an … We all already know that “infinity plus anything is infinity” and “infinity times anything (other than 0) is infinity”, and other sort of “obvious” statements like these. The closest one can approach (pun intended) to using infinity as as number … Now, let’s define our function to map, in order, the odd elements in A to the positive elements in B, and the even elements in A to the negative elements in B. If we were to treat infinity as a number, then infinity times infinity is infinity², although that isn't the actual answer to the question, it's just another way of stating the question.

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