I started with a background in Psychology and Family and Child Development, trained as a Mediator, and then obtained my law degree, worked in family law firm settings so that I would have a solid family law education. My interest and passion has always been in child development, family relationships and communications. Please do take the opportunity to explore working not only in family law but also other niche and specialist areas to make sure you pursue the right area of law for you. Family law practices mediate, counsel, and litigate a wide variety of domestic matters including estate planning, divorce proceedings, custody cases, and adoption. Several of the family lawyers surveyed for this article quickly point out that law students should do some research and reflecting before choosing this field to make sure it is it is a good match for them. Why I Chose Family Law as my Primary Practice Area - Burr Law … Collaborative Divorce Attorney and Mediator Serving Northern Virginia (The City of Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Stafford Counties) and Washington D.C. The family law legislative landscape needs to continually adapt to reflect and address changes in our culture and family law solicitors play a large role in campaigning for progress. Divorce was referred to with stigma and clearly sadness. I qualified as a family solicitor in 2015, having worked exclusively in family law aside from my training contract seats. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. While I was working at the Family Service Center, I had the opportunity to attend a week-long mediation training with John Haynes (who was viewed as a founding father of Mediation at that time). There is less acrimony and destruction; clients learn skills and become empowered to work with one another and make decisions that will work. It made me curious about how that might impact their child. My first professional job was working in the Family Service Center on Marine Corps Base Quantico. The Attorneys the Gubinsky Law Firm strive to provide effective legal counsel at reasonable hourly rates and flat fees. I have no doubt that the leading family practitioners would have much to say about any suggestion that their intellect was being ‘wasted’ on family law. The family law I practise is challenging in every way and family law should not be considered as a legal discipline that is any less worthy a career. There are now a variety of niche family law firms which reflect the growing family law sector. Increased segmentation and specialization in the legal profession has spawned a growing number of legal specialties and sub-specialties that cater to almost every legal interest. Over the last thirty years, the field of family law has experienced a tremendous expansion of substantive law topics. Yet, because of the stressors of deployment and relocation, these people needed to resolve family issues and had little time or resources to be able to resolve their problems. advises a lawyer with 25 years' experience whose own practice is 90% family law. I found myself partnering with the Legal Services Attorneys on base to help those in need understand their options and the expectations of the Military Command. Why I Became a Family Law Attorney and Mediator - Arlington … Website Design & Marketing by VisibilityPartners.com. There was a heavy emphasis on communications with family members in dispute. It is a pleasure to help people who are entering a scary time with family transition and offer them services that enable them to resolve the issues out of court using a respectful and dignified process. "Look before you leap!" One minute they were going out on dates and the next they were apart. It follows that each case usually requires clients to be interviewed, statements to be drafted, court applications to be completed and court hearings to be prepared for and attended. I have no doubt that the leading family practitioners would have much to say about any suggestion that their intellect was being ‘wasted’ on family law. For me, the human element in family law is hard to beat – you are genuinely helping to change people’s lives. I became interested in family dynamics and chose to study family and child development in college. Karen Keyes has been selected for inclusion in the 2020 edition of. Potential clients became more aware of, and interested in, Mediation and Collaborative Practice.

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